Universal Casement Window Sash Upgrade Replacement - Flex-Leg Seal

SKU: MWDP-00150-OD

Wood Casement Sash Flexible Leg Seals - a more modern and updated designed seal made for use with wood, clad and aluminum casement window sash frames. This seal is installed at perimeter of window sash frames. This updated substitute for standard seals does a better job of sealing out air/water leaks around the movable window sash frame.

PLEASE NOTE: if your old windows are 7+ Years old or older - you should consider replacement using this highly efficient sash weather strip seal. Cold, heat and ultra-violet light affect the effectiveness and breakdown of the standard old leaf-type seal. Remember, it's not how they "look" .. it's how they function - and most homeowners do not understand what is referred to as "built-in memory" ( see RFQ'S ). Easy homeowner removal and replacement.

Sold in 72" Lengths, priced per MINIMUM ORDER AS REQUIRED - Six (6) Lengths / 36 Lineal Feet - Need Help? Info@WeFixItUSA.com 

Price: $94.88