Plastic Snap In Glazing Bead - Obsolete Since 2010 | White or Bronze



One of the most difficult to find for homeowners. This Oldach window glazing bead has been obsolete for a long time. Now available in homeowner "small parts" package size orders in white and bronze - Top Picture shows original OEM part - ours is single function color plastic snap in bead. ( see second photo). - available in Bronze or White Only. 


PLEASE SPECIFY COLOR DESIRED IN THE "comment" section at checkout..    


TYPE L1 Plastic Snap In Beading - this is absolutely the hardest to find and most common "profile" used on the 2000 Series Oldach Windows. Bronze, Tan and White are available. This plastic glazing bead was used on Oldach and Outlook windows. PRICED PER FOOT - comes in Six (6') Long Pieces and the SMALL PARTS PACKAGE MINIMUM ORDER PROGRAM OUTLINES YOUR OPTIONS. item as shown is the original OEM and the parts we have are the only known substitute.

Other Common Names: Oldach Plastic Beading, Exterior Glass Plastic Stripping, PVC Oldach Window Glazing Strip, Oldach aluminum window glazing strips, Aluminum Window Glazing Bead, Plastic Pressure Seal Strips or Window Exterior Gasket Strip.
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