Oldach Slider Window Weatherstrip Kit for Sliders 60" x 36"


Oldach Slider Window Weatherstrip Kit for Sliders  60" x 36" 

This kit contains enough for a complete ( and a little extra ) traditional style Oldach Horizontal Slider window with a "double kerf track" at all perimeter ( inside / outside ) of the sash frame channel; This Kit Package also contains the "meeting rail" weatherstrip materials needed; PACKAGE CONTAINS 36 lineal feet of the OEM Style "U-Channel" weather strip ( 36' ) and four Feet of the Meeting Rail Kerf Leaf weather strip ( 4' ). 

NOTE:  Double kerf track cut around perimeter of window for use with inside and outside seal track slots. If you are not sure or have any questions, please email us at info@OldachParts.com OR Call (719) 531-0961

Price: $68.88