Oldach Slider Window Weatherstrip Kit SINGLE KERF 60" x 36"


Oldach Slider Window Weatherstrip Kit Single Kerf Slider 60" x 36" 

This kit contains enough for a complete ( and a little extra ) traditional style Oldach Horizontal Slider window with a "double kerf track" at all perimeter ( inside / outside ) of the sash frame channel; This Kit Package also contains the "meeting rail" weatherstrip materials needed; PACKAGE CONTAINS 36 lineal feet of the OEM Style "U-Channel" weather strip ( 36' ) and four Feet of the Meeting Rail Kerf Leaf weather strip ( 4' ).

NOTE:  SINGLE kerf track cut around perimeter of window for use with single track slot units; If you are not sure or have any questions, please email us at info@OldachParts.com OR Call (719) 531-0961

Price: $68.88