Oldach Casement Window Crank Operator Parts| Dual Arm Roto Gear | All Handing Models

SKU: oldp-00004


Replacement parts for your Oldach casement and awning windows - the operator cranks also known as roto-gear units - both Right and Laeft Handing Models. See pictures in listing for the easy handing determinations;  See Drop Down Menu for Selections;  The plastic covers and the crank handles are sold separately and are also here at this site. Component numbers that may be stamped on this style of operator are no longer relevant - 20810, 20544, 40372, 40471, 40254, 40753, 30470, 30472, 40754, L30841, 31358A, 31358, 30637, 30842.


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Price: $48.88