Entrygard Dual Arm Casement Operator ( 2-13/16" Short Arm)

SKU: oldp-00009

Casement window replacement operators by Truth. Available in a Right Hand Model (as shown in the photo) and a Left Hand Model ( opposite ); To compare your existing operator to the one in the photo, crank the spindle until your operator arms match the photo. Push the large arm into position and then Use the spindle to crank the small arm into position. Plastic cover, crank handle and wood screws are sold separately; Long arm measures aprox 9", short arm approximately 2-13/16" and sash mounting plate approximately 2-1/8" by 5". Old part numbers that may be stamped on operators - 20748, 40372, 40471, 40254, 40753, 30470, 30472, 40754, L30841, 31538A, 31538, 30637, 30842

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Price: $38.88