Dual Arm Casement Operator, Stainless Steel | Coastal Arms

SKU: oldp-00007CSTL


Replacement operators for Oldach and BiltBest .. some Anderson, Pella, Marvin, Peachtree, Kolbe & Kolbe, Caradco and others - THIS IS THE "coastal" model with STAINLESS STEEL ( so it won't rust ) 


Available in a Left Hand model (as shown in photo ) and a Right Hand model ( opposite of that shown ) The arms on this operator are made from stainless steel and recommended for use especially in coastal areas which have salt air. Long arm measures approximately 9" and short arm measures approximately 4-7/16" (This is the measurement of the link at the end of the jointed arm). Sash mounting plate measures approximately 2-1/8" by 5". 


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Price: $178.88