Deer-Vieue 4812 Side Hinge Swing Bow Blind Window (Tinted)


This is the most popular for Bow Hunting and Bowhunter Deer Blinds

This is the 48” x 12” GRAY TINTED GLASS - Hinged, Flips Open Side-to-Side for Bow Hunter and Shoy Access. This Bow Window is economical for bow hunting stands and blinds. Fully weather-stripped, aluminum frame, double strength "tinted" marine glazed glass; Protection from bugs and wasps, a great wind break, allows access to the entire opening, Hinged, and can be mounted in different positions - flip up, flip down, OR flip left or right. Most  desired for vertical opening bow hunting blinds. Other Standard Sizes available in this section. Grey Tinted Glass Optional.

Price: $69.99