About Us

Dateline: Colorado Springs

You now have a friend in the Oldach Window and Door Replacement and Service Parts Business! ..  Email ThePolak@WeFixItUSA.com  .. anytime with questions about your Oldach windows and patio doors. 

As a national window and door products division of the AllWindowDoorPartsGroup .. and founded by BigDaddy, a.k.a. C J Krzywonski .. it's how all of us can be "connected" ..  and solve the problems and issues with restoration and repairs of your old windows and doors. We offer a full range of services for necessay repairs, replacement hardware parts - latches, locks, handles, patio door handles, weather strip, casement sashes and much more. We also have a number of YouTube Videos to help the D.I.Y. homeowners and handyman services to assist you - and we offer those "update parts" for homeowners who want to update and add new designer touches for your old windows and doors.